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Who is Actually in Control of My Life?

(Now the Lord had caused the Egyptians to look favorably on the people of Israel. And Moses was considered a very great man in the land of Egypt, respected by Pharaoh’s officials and the Egyptian people alike.) – Exodus 11:3 (NLT)

God’s plans and ways are always so much more complex and multifaceted than what appears. God delivered His people, but He was also causing them to be sent out with riches, essentially plundering Egypt on the way out. This is contrary to most history where typically "to the victor go the spoils” as one power overthrows another. The Israelites were enslaved, and God freed them from their captors without a battle, who then sent them off with their riches and provisions.

I am humbled by the power and workings of my God. He is working and moving even though I can’t see it. He can move the hearts of kings and nations to accomplish His plan for me.

I think Moses was probably getting a bit discouraged because Pharaoh just kept resisting. Imagine if Moses gave up after the ninth plague? Understandably frustrated after all of these horrible disasters and losses, Pharaoh was still saying no and wouldn't budge. We read the story already knowing the ending, but Moses didn’t know that the tenth plague would be enough.  After the eighth plague, he could have easily returned to the desert with his family discouraged and feeling like a failure. However, Moses obeyed God in faith, and God was working and moving along in His plan the whole time.

The encouragement for us is to not give up when things don’t seem to be progressing. Continue to walk in obedience and faith toward what God has told you to do.  We usually don't see all of God's plans until the time He reveals them. With each plague, Pharaoh was brought down in the eyes of his people and leaders, and Moses was exalted. The authoritarian power of Egypt's ruler was being supplanted by a Hebrew prodigal as God tore the kingdom from his hand, and Pharoah’s own leaders began to respect and esteem Moses. The Lord delivered His people with mighty power and provided for them for the coming journey.

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