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Growing In Faith

“Be not afraid, only believe.” - Mark 5:36

As citizens of heaven, we are called to a life of faith.  Faith in our Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally, but who also requires faith to please Him.  Jesus is the master teacher of faith and trust, always leading people past the signs, miracles, and works to a further revelation of Himself.  When Jairus came to Jesus in desperation over his ailing daughter, he sought a quick healing work, but the Lord delayed.  This delay was not a mistake or an act of indifference; it was not an inconvenience to Jesus to minister to this young girl, but it was an opportunity to grow Jairus in faith.

Jesus showed compassion to Jairus and sought to give him hope. He knew the little girl had already died and that the news would soon come to her father on foot. By bringing attention to His healing power through miracles and a woman’s simple touch of His robe, the Messiah could comfort Jairus with the truth of who He was. The messenger would soon bring news that it was too late, but Jesus’ words were, “Be not afraid, only believe.” 

The Holy Spirit is always working, moving, and ministering, but we don’t see Him every moment of the day. Similarly, the Lord uses specific moments to tell us, “Be not afraid, only believe,” and it is always at the time we need it most. At the appointed time, Jesus led Jairus back to his home and restored his daughter to him. This is the word for us today; whatever we have going on right now, the Lord wants to inspire us, “Be not afraid, only believe.”

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